digital shipping standards



Bill of Lading

These standards aim to facilitate acceptance and adoption of an electronic bill of lading (eBL) by regulators, banks and insurers and to unify communication between these organisations and customers, carriers and all other stakeholders involved in a transaction.

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Booking Process

These standards streamline the booking and documentation process by enabling automatic uptake of booking process data into the eBL.

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Cyber Security

An overview of best practices to help designated crew members mitigate the risk of cyber incidents, or contain damage (fail safe) and recover in the event of an attack.

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IoT – Gateway Connectivity Interface

These standards are designed to enable industry-wide interoperability between IoT devices (including “smart containers”) and the supporting network infrastructure.

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IoT – Remote Reefer Container Monitoring on Board

A minimum set of data elements to be shared with vessel crew to enable remote monitoring of smart reefer containers on board a vessel.

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Line up of cars before export and bypass

IoT Events

These standards are designed to enable industry-wide standardised data sharing related to tracking and tracing of containers fitted with IoT devices (including “smart containers”).

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Just-in-Time Port Call

Standards for exchanging port call event data in a uniform way, enabling digital planning and operational optimisation

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Load List and Bay Plan

These standards are developed to facilitate communication of container load volumes and stowage details between VSA partners, terminals and ports.

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Operational Vessel Schedules

These standards are designed to enable automatic sharing of vessel schedule data between carriers and operational service providers.

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Reefer Events

These standards are designed to enable industry-wide standardized data sharing related to tracking and tracing of Reefer.

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Track & Trace

These standards comprise a common set of processes as well as data and interface standards to enable cross-carrier shipment tracking

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